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New Dash Cam Footage Causes Questions in July Fort Worth Police Brutality Case

New updates on a police brutality case in Fort Worth, Texas contradicts the police officers’ statements that they were acting in self defense.

Back in July, David Collie was shot in the back by a police officer when he was walking around an apartment complex. A newly released dash-cam video shows that Collie was shot seconds after a Forth Worth officer stepped out of his car. Collie, who was hit in the lower torso, is now paralyzed from the waist down.vadisabled

The two officers involved in the shootout were working as security guards for the apartment complex where they found Collie. According to the Forth Worth police department, the officers were responding to a call that two shirtless black men had robbed a nearby gas station and became suspicious of Collie because he matched the description of the criminals.

Collie’s lawyer says that his client was just walking to a friend’s house in the neighborhood.

In their original testimony, the officers explained that Collie ducked down into a bush when he was first approached, attempted to flee when they were talking to him, and ignored orders to stop walking and remove his hand from his pocket. They alleged that Collie pulled something silver, shiny, and resembling a firearm out of his pants, and that they then fired as a form of self defense.

Upon investigation, authorities found out the silver object was a box cutter.

However, Collie’s attorney alleges that this new dash-cam video shows his client complying with the officers’ orders and that his arrest was unjustified. In response, the Forth Worth police department explained to the Huffington Post that immediately after the incident they reviewed the video footage and determined it accurately matched the police officers’ testimony.

Collie was charged with aggravated assault on a public servant, and spent two months in the hospital.

As of date of publication, the Forth Worth police department has finished its investigation, although its findings are sealed and private. Collie’s charges have been dropped.

Some 10,000 people in the U.S. may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year, and thousands more are likely accused or suspected of a crime that they have not committed. A rise in unwarranted traffic stops and police brutality against minorities has led to backlash, social media movements like Black Lives Matter, and outrage across the nation in recent years.

As of September 2016, there were 875 people shot and killed by the police. Of these fatalities, 202 were African Americans, 137 were Hispanics, and 386 were Caucasian.

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