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New Office of Public Integrity Website Making it Easier to Report Suspected Waste, Fraud & Abuse

In the Community: News from the Office of Adam J. Bello Monroe County Executive

Adam J. Bello

The county’s Office of Public Integrity (OPI) has a new website designed to increase transparency and make it easier for county employees and members of the public to report instances of suspected waste, fraud and abuse.

“Good government means safeguarding public resources and transparently rooting out instances of waste, fraud and abuse. Honest government is how you ensure public confidence in government,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

“The new Office of Public Integrity website makes it easier for whistleblowers to report allegations of wrongdoing by county employees and outside vendors and gives the public easy access to OPI’s investigative reports and audits.”

Key features of the new website include an anonymous reporting system that assigns whistleblowers a number they can then use to track the status of their case as an investigation progresses; libraries of all audits, annual reports and publically released investigation reports; and a directory of resources for individuals interested in making complaints that are outside of OPI jurisdiction. The site is available at

The site is available in English and nine other languages, including French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Dutch, German and Spanish.

The Office of Public Integrity has independent authority to examine and investigate all county operations and report its findings to law enforcement when necessary. They address concerns raised through the Whistleblower Hotline (585) 753-3105, online at and via email at

OPI also undertakes proactive risk assessments and provides recommendations to improve the county’s effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

“We don’t want OPI to be a clandestine agency that no one knows about, we want to be on the forefront, easily accessible and transparent,” Janson McNair, OPI director said. “It’s important that the residents of our community have trust in county government and know that their interests are being protected. I encourage everyone to visit our new web page and see for themselves what OPI does.”

OPI completed 93 investigations last year and completed 11 audits. As a result of those investigations, 28 county employees accused of misconduct were referred for disciplinary action and one matter was referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, according to its 2021 Annual Report.