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NYS Attorney General’s Office to Sponsor Gun BuyBack in Rochester

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gunsNew York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office will sponsor a gun buyback in Rochester on Tuesday, Oct. 24, as part of his office’s statewide gun buyback program in cities across New York.

Schneiderman’s office will be accepting, with no questions asked, working and non-working unloaded weapons, in exchange for compensation on site.

The event is a collaborative effort between the City of Rochester Police Department and the attorney general’s office, and will take place at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church, in the church’s adjoining annex building, at 614 Clifford Ave., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Guns must be transported to the drop-off site unloaded, in a plastic or paper bag or box.

Both working and non-working firearms will be accepted, and there is no limit to the number of firearms an individual can turn in, the state said.

The AG’s office will offer money in the form of gift cards for each gun that is given to law enforcement officers, and secured on site.

Free gun locks will also be available for attendees; however, licensed gun dealers and active or retired law enforcement officers are not eligible for the program.

The attorney general will provide the following gift-card compensation for each firearm turned in at the event:

  • $25 for non-working or antique firearms;
  • $50 for rifles and shotguns;
  • $75 for handguns;
  • and $100 for assault weapons.

The office has sponsored previous gun buy backs in Rochester, as well as more than a dozen gun buybacks statewide since 2013, resulting in over 1,200 guns being turned in over the past four years.

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