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Update: Rachel Barnhart to Announce Run for Mayor

By Staff


rachel barnhart(Update, Feb. 3) – Former WROC-TV news anchor Rachel Barnhart reportedly confirmed she would run for mayor during a press conference Friday.

“I have a plan to grow the economy and reduce poverty,” Barnhart stated. “I have the knowledge to be mayor, and I feel there are a lot of undecided voters in the city.”

According to Barnhart, she will formally announce her candidacy for mayor on Monday, Feb. 6.

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(From Dec. 6) – Former WROC-TV news anchor Rachel Barnhart has announced she is currently exploring a run for mayor.

“Our team is exploring a mayoral run,” Barnhart stated, via Twitter. “I’m looking for the best opportunity to serve our community. I’m a lifelong city resident, and a graduate of city schools, and I built my career around covering issues in the city that are important to residents. Our city is struggling with poverty, and a lack of economic opportunity. There are problems we need to solve. Right now, they’re not being adequately addressed.”

Mayor Lovely Warren has not yet announced whether she will seek another term in office; however, a spokesperson for the mayor has said she is currently concentrating on the job at hand.

In September, Barnhart lost a primary against Assemblyman Harry Bronson in the Democratic race for the 133rd Assembly District.

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