Friday 30 September 2022
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Nov. 13 Blackout By Racist, White Media, and the Need to Make the Black Press Stronger

Op/Ed By Howard Eagle –


howard newAny time a joint-press-event is convened by members of the Black community (such as leaders of Take It Down Planning Committee, Faith Community Alliance, and Movement for Anti-racist Ministry and Action, and notable, white allies) at a historic, Black institution (FIGHT Village) — for the purpose of reporting to the Black and Hispanic communities regarding a major, volatile, systemic, “controversial” issue, i.e., virulent, white-supremacist-based, individual, institutional, and structural racism, particularly as it has existed historically, and is continuing to thrive and manifest pervasively within the overwhelmingly Black and brown Rochester City School District — and the only major media in town that shows up are Minority Reporter, and (only after institutional arm-twisting), a lone NBC (Nothing But Caucasians, Channel 10) camera man (with no reporter, and no subsequent report or news story) — then we know (without any doubt what so ever) that we are definitely dealing with coordinated, racist, collusion.

We have been around long enough to know and understand that — when there is no “big,” breaking news story (as there was not on the morning of Nov. 13 — the top headlines around 10 am, the time of our press conference, were “Judge Astacio pleads guilty to a probation violation…” (again, and again, and again — so that in her case — “old news” is a gross understatement), and “Buffalo Bills streaker charged with public lewdness…” — yet Gannett’s monopolistic, demagogue and comical; ABC (American Broadcasting  Caucasians, Channel 13); CBS (Caucasians Broadcasting System, Channel 8); CKC (Caucasians Keep Changing — YNN, Time Warner, Spectrum, Channel 9); WXX [L] i [E]; and Rochester’s C [h] ity newspaper didn’t show up — then surely we are dealing with a calculated, coordinated, potentially conspiratorial, BLACKOUT — period.

Of course, this is nothing new. One thing (for sure) we can say about “important” white folks in Rochester, is that they look out for one another (through thick and thin), and believe me, they all know, where Barbara Deane-Williams is concerned — things are about to get mighty thick, which is one reason we witnessed a thoroughly asinine editorial board article in the demagogue and comical (two days before our press conference).

Just think (seriously) about the nature of the above referenced editorial, which is accessible at the following link ( ).

The editorial board members proclaimed that: “Deane-Williams is mapping out what she literally calls a Path Forward.” They also claimed — because of the so-called “mapping — most of [their] editorial board members left [a recent] meeting [with Deane-Williams] feeling cautiously optimistic,” which is absolutely amazing — considering they also reported that: “She appears reticent to offer specific goals, or name the outcomes and indicators the district will use to measure progress.”

Since the latter quote is also true, then what in the world is there to feel “optimistic” about, especially since — “given the typical lifespan of an urban school superintendent’s term, [the editorializers] are concerned she could move on before leaving a trace.” Is this not super-hyper, rhetorical-double-talk???

The real kicker though, is the following paragraph, below, which anyone who is really honest, and knows what’s going on in the RCSD, will testify is thoroughly ludicrous:

“Deane-Williams is a latecomer to the work of ROC the Future and the Community Task Force on School Climate, two community-based groups that have devoted much time and energy toward innovative city school reform. They are largely responsible for the new code of conduct, improving kindergarten readiness, reducing pre-K absences, and helping a few more kids be prepared for college after graduation. Deane-Williams expresses a willingness to continue moving in step with these and other organizations.”

(Interestingly enough — she didn’t name the “other organizations.”)

Based on the latter paragraph above, all doubt was completely erased regarding the fact that gate-keeping-white-folks, and some of their darker allies and/or lackeys have closed ranks — in attempts to shield Superintendent Deane-Williams from certain, ensuing wrath.

Since the time that I first read the latter paragraph, I have been asking if someone can riddle me this: Why do people keep boasting about the fact that the so-called “Community Task Force on School Climate [is] largely responsible for the new code of conduct???”

A major feature of the so-called “new code of conduct” is that it was supposed to result in significant reductions of largely race-based suspensions. If the so-called “new code of conduct” is anywhere near successful — then where is the genius who can explain (logically) how the RCSD had one-thousand (1,000)  suspensions during the first two months of school???

And, what happened to the statistics below??? How and when did they all of a sudden improve??? Did the superintendent come with a magic-statistics-wand???

The above-referenced editorial represents a classic, blatantly-outstanding example of why Gannett’s “demagogue and comical” is potentially so very dangerous, especially when considering that hundreds of thousands read it (uncritically), and automatically believe everything that is reported there.

This is another of those outstandingly important cases that Ms. Gloria Winston Al-Sarag and I have been writing about for years — relative to the vital importance of the Black Press, which by the way, is where every, single advertising dollar that WE have, should be spent — period.

Lastly, the super-hyper, ultra-liberal rhetoric concerning the distorted, conflated idea that “our community did not create some of the worst schools in the nation overnight” — is an old, tired, completely worn-out, unacceptable, generalized mantra. It’s past time to talk (specifically) about who “created some of the worst schools in the nation,” and who is laboring to maintain current, overall conditions, or certainly not taking any serious steps to produce the so-called change and improvement that we have been hearing (for decades) is right around the corner, but never arrives.

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