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NYSED to Award Four RCSD Schools $10 Million in School Improvement Grants

By Staff


nysed-logo-text-300x234 newThe New York State Education Department has announced four Rochester City School District Schools will receive $10 million, as part of a $95 million School Improvement Grant (SIG) that will be divided among 39 schools throughout the state.

RCSD’s School No. 10, School No. 19, School No. 41, and IATHS will receive approximately $2.5 million each, as part of an effort to improve outcomes for students “by achieving dramatic school-level achievement gains so that the school is in good academic standing within three years,” NYSED stated.

“School Improvement Grants are a welcome investment in some of our most challenged schools,” Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa said. “Turnaround can only happen when schools receive sufficient support, and resources. These grants will help our struggling schools to engage in transformative practices that have the potential to dramatically improve educational outcomes for our children.”

The four schools will be able to use the grant funding to implement one of six federally-designated or state-determined models, which the state has assigned to each of the schools as follows:

  • School No. 10, Innovation Framework, College and Career Readiness School Design model. The school will partner specifically with an Educational Partnership Organization (EPO), to jointly launch a whole-school redesign.
  • School No. 19, Restart model. The school will convert the school to a charter school, under a charter management organization, and replace the school with a new charter school that will serve the students who would have attended the public school; or contract with an Educational Management Organization, such as a local Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), institution of higher education, or other non-profit partner organization as identified in Education Law 211-e, to govern and manage the priority school, and its implementation of the SIG plan.
  • School No. 41, Transformation model. The school will replace the principal, but without the requirement to replace at least half the staff. Rather, the implementation of approved Annual Professional Performance Review plans would serve as the basis for rewarding effective teachers, and removing ineffective teachers after ample professional development opportunities.
  • IATHS, Evidence-based model. The school will implement, in partnership with a strategy developer, an evidence-based whole-school reform strategy that meets United States Department of Education (USDE) “What Works” evidence standards (

According to NYSED, the project period for the grant will be five years.

In addition, following each project period, the continuation of the funding will be contingent upon the schools’ progress toward “meeting achievement goals, leading indicators, fidelity of implementation of required model actions, and maintenance of all grant requirements,” officials said.

The schools’ final awards will be subject to review and approval by the state comptroller’s office.

Visit to view the full list of schools that have been chosen to receive the awards.

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