Saturday 4 February 2023
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Obama Steadied Our Nation in ‘Interesting Times’

Op/Ed By Jesse Jackson Sr.


Jesse3( – “May you live in interesting times.” This curse, attributed tenuously to the Chinese, bespeaks a preference for order over change. We now live in interesting times and Americans are hungering for change. Yet, surprisingly, President Obama enjoys increasing popularity as he heads into the final days of his presidency.

Why is the president the most popular politician in America (outside of Bernie Sanders)? As he put it, to be elected with popular majorities twice with the name Barack Hussein Obama, something has to be going right.

And something has. He inherited an economy in free fall, losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. Wall Street was on the verge of collapse. The auto companies were about to close their doors. Bush left an annual budget deficit soaring above $1 trillion. Millions were at risk of losing their homes, and millions more were losing their shirts as their homes went “underwater” — worth less than the debt owed on them. The U.S. had suffered the worst foreign policy debacle since Vietnam in Iraq. The nation had been shamed as it watched Americans left to suffer after Katrina hit New Orleans.

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