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Obama Takes Inspiration From George Washington as He Announces Farewell Address

obamaApproximately 48% of emails are opened using mobile devices, including the one sent by President Barack Obama on Monday, January 2. In his email, Obama announced that he would be giving a farewell address in his hometown of Chicago.

Obama explained in his message that the farewell address was inspired by George Washington’s, given in 1796. He said the speech will serve the dual purposes of expressing gratitude to the nation and laying a path for the coming days.

In another nod to the historical forefathers of America, Obama added a reference to the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” to his announcement, inviting U.S. citizens to join him “one last time” before he leaves the White House and the Presidency behind him.

The tradition of giving a farewell address dates back to Washington himself, who, according to Obama, “set the precedent for a peaceful, democratic transfer of power.”

In addition to his farewell address announcement, Obama took to Twitter on Sunday and penned a series of tweets to look back on the accomplishments of his administration. Much of their work may be jeopardized by the incoming Trump administration, which is why Obama is spending the last days of his Presidency protecting the accomplishments he wrote about.

On Wednesday morning, Obama took to Capitol Hill to encourage democrats to fight for the healthcare legislation they put in place. Both President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have claimed that repealing Obama’s signature achievement will be “the first order of business.”

Democrats, on the other hand, have vowed to keep resisting any repeal efforts that may be made. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, said that in order for any of the laws to be changed, Republicans would have to first present some form of replacement.

Speaker Paul Ryan said that there wouldn’t be an abrupt change in coverage, but the pacing of any replacement plan has yet to be decided. Obama has accepted responsibility for “not being a better salesman” for the law, but has vowed to uphold it nonetheless.

Obama’s January 10 speech will likely set a more uplifting tone than his recent visit to Capitol Hill, though. The speech will be held on Tuesday evening at McCormick Place in Chicago. Further details will be released as the week goes on.

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