Thursday 1 December 2022
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Something to Think About: Don’t Fear This Election Season

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnSince Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been confirmed as the final candidates for the U.S. presidential campaign, there has been widespread fear from people who are opposed to either candidate.

I have even heard some people say they are in such fear of a Donald Trump presidency that, if he wins, they are leaving America.

Some African Americans have also said, if he wins, he is going to take “us” back to Africa!

However, let’s look at that fear, and the absolute idiocy that is behind the messages being put forward this campaign season.

First, our government may need some chastisement.

In our system of government, like it or not, the people vote for whom they want to represent them in all levels of government.

We are what is known as a Republic (not an actual Democracy, which is one man, one vote).

As a result, we vote for other people to represent our interests. That is the way we were setup, and that is how we have operated since the founding of this great nation.

The reason I bring this up is because neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have been appointed to their current positions.

Millions of Americans voted for them, and that is why they are the candidates that have surfaced as their partys’ presidential nominees.

We may not like the rules which underlie the nomination process; however, all of it has been done by voting to place someone in a position to make the rules.

Therefore, before we get too bent out of shape over who the current candidates are, maybe we should take a look at ourselves.

The collective “we” who voted for them, according to our Democratic form of government.

Due to our votes, the current potential candidates have arisen as the two who are left standing.

Accordingly, maybe we should take a deep breath, and realize that we, as voters, are the reason these two people are in their current positions.

We should also remember that, in each presidential race, millions of Americans were disappointed because the candidates they backed did not win.

However, the nation has survived, and, regardless of the outcome of this election, we will continue to survive.

And now, some observations.

In response to the African Americans who have said Trump is going to ship “us” back to Africa: I believe, to even suggest this, shows a lack of knowledge which has been governed by fear, and fanned into flame by those who want to keep a racial divide going.

First, and foremost, I would like to know in which of Donald Trump’s speeches he has said he is going to send African Americans to Africa?

If you cannot point to that statement, ask yourself where it came from.

Second, think logically about how something like mass deportation would have to happen. There are more than 36 million African Americans in the U.S., according to the most recent census.

How would the government round up 36 million people, get them on a plane or a boat, take them to Africa, and drop them off?

Does any sane person really believe this could happen?

I am someone who does not support Hillary Clinton; however, I am not going to be fearful if she becomes president.

In fact, I think she would be a horrible president, but this country has survived 240 years, and a Hillary Clinton presidency is not going to destroy it.

She may weaken our already weakened moral fiber, and continue to weaken our status in the world, which may make us susceptible to the global disrespect that began under President Obama; however, the country will go on.

Let’s just take a deep breath, and realize that, whoever becomes president, America will survive.

We are the ones who raise our children properly, who go to work every day, and deal with the issues of the day.

A president states all that they want do, but, in the end, it’s the wisdom of our founding fathers kicks in, and a president is only able to move the needle so far.

In addition, my faith is not in who is in the White House, but in God!

Therefore, I am not moving out of America, and I am not going to allow fear to grip my heart.

However, one thing is for certain, this presidential season has (or should have) taught us by now that we need to pray!

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