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‘Operation Warm’ Nets Over 300 Coats for Local Children in Need as Winter Approaches

Family on the ski slopeThe temperatures in Rochester are dropping by the day, and one national clothing drive has already made a notable impact on hundreds of local children.

According to TWC News, the town of Greece and surrounding school districts have come together to donate over 300 winter coats to elementary school children in the area who come from less-fortunate families.

The clothing drive is part of Operation Warm, a national effort to provide children with quality winter apparel. According to their official website, Operation Warm has provided over 1.7 million winter coats to children all across America to relieve the burden of poverty that they experience on a daily basis.

The Greece Teachers Association Social Justice Committee teamed up with the Ridge Road Fire District to raise $9,000 for the program. West Ridge PTA President Janine Horn sees underprivileged children every day in her schools and wanted to provide them with the support they need as the seasons change.

“There are many students who we’ve seen over the years that in the winter do not have the proper clothing for the elements, so that’s a big concern for us as a parent seeing kids in school like that,” Horn said. “Having the coats available for the children and their names are in them, they can choose colors, they’re very excited.”

One of the most in-demand winter coat materials is linen, which possesses high air permeability and heat, boasting heat conductivity five times higher than wool and 19 times as that of silk. However, for these children, they’re probably more excited about getting a new coat in their favorite color.

Greece schools aren’t the only institutions in New York that are giving back to those in need this holiday season. According to The Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell’s Arab Student Association has organized a clothing drive to give back to minorities and raise awareness about the current crisis in Syria.

“My hope is that this clothing drive will not only provide a direct way to help the refugees, but also to raise awareness about the magnitude of the Syrian crisis,” said Ama Frederickson, secretary of the Arab Student Association.

The students are being commended for their proactive approach to helping a group of people that is often overlooked. The same can be said for Operation Warm in Greece, which will have a positive impact on local children that they’ll be sure to remember for a lifetime.