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Pets at Risk as Eviction Moratorium is Scheduled to End

Staff report

Rochester Animal Services shelter is seeking residents to serve as temporary foster homes in anticipation of an influx of displaced pets when New York’s residential eviction moratorium is scheduled to end Aug. 31.

“When people lose their homes, pets end up in the shelter,” Mayor Lovely Warren said in a news release. “Our shelter simply cannot accommodate a substantial increase in animal intakes, so we need the public’s help to care for them and keep them safe. We are asking those who have secure housing to please foster today.”

Pet fostering reduces shelter overcrowding and the threat of euthanasia for lack of space. Fostering gives a cat or dog a less stressful environment in which to thrive.

An unprecedented surge of cats and dogs would add to the strain on Rochester Animal Services. The usual busy summer season has been compounded by slowing adoption rates and fewer foster caregivers.

Rochester Animal Services will provide all food, supplies and veterinary care to pets in foster homes.

In addition to pets whose families face eviction, cats, dogs, senior pets, pets recovering from illness or injury and pets who have been in the shelter for a long time need a foster home.

Residents can view pets available for foster care. Go to, click on the Adopt A Cat and Adopt A Dog pages and then sign up to foster at

Adopters also are needed for pets in the shelter and for those in foster care.