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Plastic Waste from the Ocean Becomes Art in Powerful Photo Series

ocean plasticIf there’s one thing the ocean can teach humanity, it’s that nature is powerful and frightening. And in the 21st century, the ocean has gotten even more lethal. That’s because the waste being dumped into the ocean has created a grim outlook for the seas of the world.

Sky News’ new documentary “A Plastic Tide” hones in on many of the world’s beaches being ravaged by the plastic and other waste being dumped into the ocean on a regular basis. One featured beach experiences a literal plastic tide, in which new pieces of plastic waste wash up on the shore with every wave.

This is an issue that affects countless people and species around the world. So much so that artists from across the globe have created pieces that speak to the waste plaguing our oceans. One artist has taken the state of the ocean and given it new life in an art project.

Jeremy Carroll is an artist, professional photographer, and creator of “Entanglement,” a series of photographs that showcases plastic waste found in the ocean in a new way. Rather than showing fish and other marine animals with the plastic garbage, he poses human models tangled in their own plastic waste.

The purpose of the photographs is to make people think about how ocean waste isn’t just affecting sea life, it’s affecting humans, too. The series of photos features people tangled in fishing nets, plastic mesh, and even caught in the remnants of plastic containers.

There’s a strange, alarming beauty in his photographs. Carroll focuses in on different body parts tangled in garbage as the people pictured attempt to free themselves.

Carroll’s photo series is part of a larger initiative by broadcasting company Sky to raise awareness about the sorry state of the world’s oceans. The company is focusing on plastic waste in particular this year, and their new documentary even features Carroll’s art project.

Human beings have depended on the ocean’s abundant resources for millennia, which is why the amount of waste in the seas poses such a serious threat to communities around the world. And humans don’t just rely on the ocean for food, either. Just eight miles north of Mendocino, CA, there is a beautiful beach filled with particularly large quantities of natural sea glass. If we want to continue visiting and enjoying these amazing places, it’s important to pay attention to the health of the ocean.

Sky spearheaded a similar project in 2009 aimed towards helping reduce the amount of deforestation in the world’s rainforests. Their efforts then resulted in almost 9 million euros raised towards decreasing deforestation.