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Police Announce Four Possible Heroin-Related Deaths in Two Days

By Staff


ciminelliThe Rochester Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office have recently announced there were four deaths in the past two days which may have been heroin-related.

There were also four additional cases of overdoses in which the individuals were revived, some with the drug narcan, or naloxone; however, police have not yet released the names of the individuals who were involved in those incidents.

“We encourage anyone needing assistance with a drug problem to seek medical help immediately. RPD officers and MCSO deputies will facilitate getting persons who need help to a hospital,” the joint statement stated.

Authorities also said the community should watch for illegal substances which have been packaged in the following ways:

  • Envelopes marked with a purple, red and white emblem of a bulldog with fangs and sunglasses;
  • envelopes barring golden skulls on a black background;
  • bags that have a red shark, and the word “predator” printed on them;
  • bags marked with a gold eagle, and the words “new arrival;”
  • and bags showing a blue skeleton with the words “jingle killer.”

There have been 74 heroin-related deaths in Monroe County as of last month, and there were 95, total, in 2015.

According to police, anyone with information regarding the sale of illegal drugs should call 911, or 311.

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