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Police Arrest Ahmad Khan Rahami in Connection with Manhattan and NJ Bombings

By Staff



Ahmad Khan Rahami

Ahmad Khan Rahami, a man believed to be responsible for a bombing in Manhattan Saturday night, and an earlier bombing in New Jersey, was apprehended by police on Monday, after reportedly exchanging gunfire with officers.

According to officials, Rahami, 28, was responsible for an explosion that injured 29 people in New York City, and another that occurred near a charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey on Saturday.

On Sunday, authorities identified Rahami through a fingerprint, as well as a cell phone which had been connected to one of the bombs.

He was then spotted sleeping in the doorway of a bar at around 10:30 a.m Monday, and, according to officers, when police approached him, he pulled out a handgun, shooting one of the officers in the stomach. The officer was protected by his vest.

Subsequently, a chase followed, and one other officer was injured during the confrontation, while Rahami was shot multiple times before being taken into custody.

He was born January 23, 1988, in Afghanistan, and was a naturalized citizen who had been living with his family in Elizabeth, N.J., not far from where he was arrested.

Rahami also reportedly traveled to his homeland several years ago, and, when he returned, showed signs of radicalization.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also investigating whether a second individual may have helped Rahami carry out his plan, reports said.

Rahami’s family owns a restaurant called the First American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, which has allegedly had several disputes with the city over being open during late-night hours.

According to Reuters, Rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer, as well as two gun charges, since his arrest.

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