Saturday 28 January 2023
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Police: Distraught Ex-boyfriend Killed Two SUNY Geneseo Students and Himself

By Staff



Kelsey Annese and Matthew Hutchinson

The “distraught” 24-year-old ex-boyfriend of a SUNY Geneseo student stabbed his former girlfriend, along with another student from SUNY Geneseo, before killing himself, authorities said Monday.

According to authorities, Colin Kingston bought a “large knife,” and stabbed Kelsey Annese, 21, and another man, Matthew Hutchinson, 24, to death at an off-campus home near the school Sunday morning.

Geneseo Police spokesman Jeffrey Szczesniak said Kingston stabbed the two students quickly, and there were no signs of a struggle. According to Szczesniak, Kingston then called his father, and told him he was thinking of harming himself.

Kingston’s father called police, who then rushed to the home, and found all three people dead from stab wounds.

Szczesniak said Kingston and Annese had dated for about three years, and Kingston had taken the breakup hard.

Annese was a member of the women’s basketball team, and psychology major at the school; Hutchinson was a member of the men’s hockey team, and had been a volunteer firefighter in the area. Hutchinson was originally from North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Police said the murders represent the first homicides in the town of 8,000 in 23 years.