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Polls Open for 15 Hours on June 23 for Primary Election Day

Staff reports

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. June 23 for primary elections.

Registered voters have been notified of their new consolidated site.

The Monroe County Board of Elections reminds voters that they need to cast a ballot for each election in which they are eligible to vote – presidential primary, state/local primary and special election in the 27th Congressional District.

The Board of Elections released data for the nine days of early voting.

More than 4,000 voters cast ballots in the state/local primaries and 3,825 cast votes for the presidential primary. There were 84 votes cast in the special election.

The highest turnout was June 13, the first day of early voting, when 527 people went to polling places in the city and various locations in the county.

The next highest turnout was June 19, when 512 people voted.

The lowest turnout was June 21, when 335 people went to the polls.

The Board of Elections also mailed thousands of absentee ballots.

If you have questions about primary elections, call the board at (585) 753-1550.