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Popular Rochester Home Upgrades For 2022

When you are building a new home, you may not realize that you can select upgrades for new construction. During the construction of a house, the builder has a set floor plan which is considered the base model. From there, you can add on more features. You do not have to live with the standard version of your house or plan to make upgrades later on. You can do it all while it is being constructed. This way, your house is already perfect when you move in. You do want to consider manufacture time for all of your upgrades. Manufacturing downtime has an average cost of $260,000 per hour, so typically things are produced quickly. If you live in Rochester, consider these upgrades for your home.

For the Kitchen

2022 is the time to make a statement in your kitchen. Consider adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen. This brings you dimension in addition to convenience. It also helps to remove clutter from your kitchen by providing you with a place to store everything. This is the place where you can store appliances like air fryers, blenders, and toasters. With a walk-in pantry, you can consider fewer upper cabinets. When you do not have as many upper cabinets, it helps open up your kitchen and makes it feel like there is more space. Consider how much of your upper cabinets are not used today because of how high they are. Think about adding the latest technology to your Rochester kitchen. You can add a smart oven that automatically adjusts your cooking times. Do not forget about the smart fridge that allows you to see what is inside without keeping the door open.

In the Bedroom

The first thing that may come to mind with upgrading your bedroom in Rochester is a walk-in closet. Most of us do not have enough room to hang our clothes or store the items we want. Walk-in closets come in various sizes, and you will have all the room you need for shoes, clothes, accessories, and other items. You may even be able to put in a dressing table, mirror, and island. You may also want to consider a sitting area in your bedroom. This gives you a private space that is all your own. It can be an alcove in your bedroom, giving you and your partner space for just the two of you. When thinking about window coverings for your bedroom, consider aluminum blinds. They are ideal because they are low maintenance and a durable window treatment option. You can find them for all sizes of windows.

Other Areas of the House

There are some additional upgrades you can make in other parts of your Rochester home, too. Consider built-in shelving to replace purchasing shelving from a store after the fact. Those shelves are not always the most attractive and may not quite fit with your decor. A builder can create shelves to match your house and the decor. A wine cellar is also a nice touch for your home. It can be a smaller storage area or a large cellar depending upon your needs and desire. It can add a touch of class while also providing a space to store your wine properly. If you enjoy playing piano, you can consider a piano room in your home. In the U.S., in 2020, there were 20,870 pianos sold.

There are many upgrades you can consider for your home. Listed here are just a few ways you can create a unique space and provide you with everything you need. This is a great way to make your house your own.