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President Obama has Performed Well Under Fire

Op/ed by James Cummings
Utica, New York

Silhouette_manThe “Rolling Stone” magazine has made it official.

What I have been saying all along is true.

Politics aside, President Obama has done, or has tried to do, more than any president in American history ever has.

He’s fought religiously for affordable healthcare; education; housing; development of the American economy; and, perhaps most importantly, an end to a war that should never have been.

He’s also tried to end grudges against a nation which has stood for more than a half century.

I don’t think any other president has ever done, or has ever tried to do, these things which Jesus Christ would have demanded of us.

And, it doesn’t matter how it should have been done.

What matters is, very few presidents have even attempted to do so.

Balancing budgets hasn’t always necessarily translated to better services.

In addition, most Americans have needed everything Obama has proposed, which may be things those in opposition to him already may have.

As a result, America has not been a broken country, financially; but, it has been a broken one, morally.

And, even though this president has tried to do things to help the American people, he has been criticized for it.

The opposition has tried to paint a bleak picture of this president, because they want the House back.

And, I don’t mean Congress, or the Senate.

However, what some people have failed to understand is, what or who the United States government should truly represent.

The founding fathers didn’t say, “We the Senate, or Congress, or the Supreme Court.”

They clearly stated, “We the people,” and wrote it that way.

So, if in a Democracy the majority wins, and the president has been chosen by the entire country; ultimately, he should now represent, “We the people.”

Yet, on the contrary, a senator or congressman usually has been elected by a smaller segment of people, or a smaller population in a certain geographical area.

Consequently, he or she hasn’t often carried the hopes and dreams of the entire country.

And, as a result, this group normally has been more concerned with their particular constituents, as they should be.

However, I’m sure the founding fathers had known this dilemma could someday prove problematic, which is probably why they created the three branches of government in the first place.

Thus, I don’t think Congress, or the Senate, should attempt to run the country.

They should pass laws by which to govern, but they shouldn’t try to be the executive branch of government.

Besides, how could a senator in one part of the country know what truly has been needed on the other side?

In the end, the president of the United Sates has been responsible for all of us, and has had to travel, as our executive leader, to each part of the country in order to understand everyone’s needs.

Therefore, I believe Jesus Christ would love this president, like most countries outside of the U.S. already do.

He has tried to do something for the people of the U.S., with little help from those who have been entrusted with the well-being of the greatest country on earth; a fact which is puzzling.

We seem to have all been together in war, but, yet; we can’t seem to pass simple laws to help our citizens.

Other nations must be baffled by the criticism the president has been taking from the opposition.

A famous person once said, “If you do these things to the least of my brethren, you do it unto me.”

The war Republicans have declared upon this president has brought our citizens to the brink of what this country’s founding fathers had once defined as a time to change government, because they truly were looking for government to work in favor of, “We the people.”

By the way, Obama also eliminated America’s number one terrorist, a fact which some people seem to already have forgotten, in addition to the fact that he has been one of only three presidents to add “receiving the Nobel Peace Prize” to his list of accomplishments.

It seems the world, collectively, has felt comfortable with the election of this president, after many years of distrusting America’s ability to resolve its problems when it has come to world affairs.

In addition, Republicans have attempted to force Obama, deceitfully, into war overseas.

They’ve done this, not because it has been necessary, but because they have wanted to accuse him of lying about his promise to end it, instead.

America will be judged by our allies on the basis of how it has treated its leader.

At the end of the day, I say, ‘God bless President Obama,’ because he has performed very well under friendly fire!