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Prosecutors Release Unedited Version of Michael Brown Video to Debunk Documentary’s Edited Version

The Michael Brown Saga continues.

A new documentary that premiered in early March claimed to show new footage of Michael Brown shortly before his death in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015. While supporters of Brown’s family said the footage vindicated him, not everyone sees it that way. St. Louis prosecutors have been criticizing the documentary’s use of “poorly edited” footage; further, they have since released the unedited version of the video to prove their point.

According to The Huffington Post, Prosecutor Robert McCulloch believes that the new video in the documentary distorts the truth rather than clarifying it.

“This is not new, not a surprise and not relevant,” McCulloch said.

The documentary appeared to show Brown trading marijuana for a box of cigarillos in the convenience store, but leaving the cigarillos behind for later. Brown returned to the store later that day, but the store owner — who was not present for the marijuana transaction — tried to stop Brown from claiming the cigarillos. That conflict escalated into an assault, which resulted in a call to the police and the lethal exchange with the police officer soon after.

Footage of Brown assaulting the store owner has been widely shared online and in the media, but few people had seen footage of the earlier interaction. However, McCulloch disagrees with the documentary’s narrative and refers skeptics to the unedited version of the surveillance video.

“It’s very clear that there was no transaction between Brown and the store employees,” said McColluch. “And the suggestion that he’s coming back to pick up what he bartered for is just stupid.”

The documentary provided crucial new context for the famous shooting, which ignited a national firestorm. While the average emergency room waiting time is between 46.5 minutes to 58.1 minutes, when Brown was killed, his body was left lying in the street for more than four hours.

Following Brown’s shooting, there were national protests against the killing of unarmed young black men at the hands of law enforcement. In the wake of Brown’s death, the Black Lives Matter movement has become a household name. Because of the controversy surrounding the shooting, a Department of Justice investigation began into the Ferguson police department and court system. A grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, leading to even more civil unrest, and the DOJ cleared him of any civil rights violations.

Like the shooting itself, the new surveillance footage has proven divisive, and it seems that both sides see in the tape exactly what they expected to see.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock defended his documentary on CNN saying, “Whatever they’re saying about it is obviously not true.”

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