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Update: SUNY Brockport Contacts FBI to Help Investigate Racist Message Found in Dorm

By Staff


brockport(Update, Oct. 14) – SUNY Brockport officials said Friday the school has contacted the FBI to help investigate a racist message students found written on a white board in a dorm last month.

In addition, a school spokesperson has released the following statement regarding the matter:

“This was a hate crime and that has no place on our campus. Our university police and campus leadership are committed to taking every appropriate action to bring whoever is responsible to justice.”

(From Sept. 22) – Students found a racist message written on a white board in a dorm at SUNY Brockport Wednesday.

The words “n*ggers deserve to die” were reportedly written on the board, which hung on the door of a suite in which minority students lived.

University police are currently investigating the matter.

In addition, school president Heidi Macpherson said in a statement the behavior is “unacceptable” and “should be to everyone on campus.”

According to Macpherson, residential life staff and students who were affected by the incident met Wednesday, and students campus-wide have also been encouraged to reaffirm their commitment to the college’s Better Community Statement.

The college has also invited students to attend a discussion regarding diversity and hate speech the school will hold in the near future.

“It saddens me that this message needed to be sent,”Macpherson stated. “Please join me in working towards ending the culture of intolerance that continues to exist in the world today.”

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