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RASE Commission Schedule Calls for Members to be Announced in Early August

Patti Singer

The city and county formed the Race and Structural Equity Commission in June 2020. File photo

The chairpersons of the Race and Structural Equity Commission were expected to have follow-up conversations during the week of July 27 with applicants for the 21 seats, according to a timeline on the website

Chairpersons William Johnson, Arline Santiago and Muhammad Shafiq had announced at a news conference in late June that the goal was to seat the commission by July 31 and hold the first meeting the week of Aug. 3.

The website shows a slightly delayed timeline than the chairpersons discussed at a news conference June 29.

According to, final recommendations will be sent to Mayor Lovely Warren and County Executive Adam Bello and appointments will be made on or about Aug. 3.

Orientation for the commission members is scheduled for the first week of August.

There was no mention on the website of when a public meeting would be held. There was nothing listed under the tab for events or for meetings.

The only biographies listed on the website as of July 28 were those of Johnson, the former mayor, Santiago and Shafiq.

Applications were due on July 10 and a selection committee began choosing candidates during the week of July 13, according to the website.

The mayor, county executive and chairpersons said during two news conferences in June that people wishing to be on the commission needed to apply. They said that because the commission would consider changes in laws, representatives from the County Legislature and City Council would need to be on the commission. But they did not say how many of those seats would be set aside for lawmakers. At one point, Johnson had said the commission may have more than 21 members, but he said the number would become unwieldy.

The commission, which is looking at changing policies and laws to dismantle structural racism, is expected to issue a report in January.