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RCSD Assistant Principal Says Kids Faced Racial Slurs At Soccer Event

By Staff



World of Inquiry School No. 58

Fans from Red Creek high school, in Wayne County, yelled racial slurs at members of The World Of Inquiry School’s Section V boys soccer team during a championship victory event Saturday, Oct. 31, according to the school’s assistant principal.

“At a time when our team, student fans, school staff and families should be celebrating our Section V championship victory, many are greatly disheartened and angered by the actions of quite a few RED CREEK fans,” Kimberly Garlock wrote in a Facebook post. “Sadly, many adults chose to yell out racial slurs as we exited the stands following the award ceremony.”

According to Garlock, the adults continued to yell “hateful slurs,” as the kids continued toward their bus.

However, “Despite the IGNORANT actions directed toward them, our students displayed the Griffin values, and model citizen virtues that make our school community the very best around,” Garlock stated. “Go Griffins!”

Reportedly, the World of Inquiry School defeated Red Creek 6-0 to win the sectional title.

In addition, according to a report in the Democrat and Chronicle, a Rochester City School District spokesman said the district is investigating the incident.

The Red Creek Central School District also released the following statement, in part, regarding the ceremony:

“Our district takes incidents like this very seriously, and has started a full investigation into these claims, while following District and Section V protocol regarding this matter.”