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RCSD Students and Families Explore the Healthcare Profession with “Scrubs Club”

By Tracie Isaac

RCSD student attending “Scrubs Club.” Photo provided by RCSD.

When a child is asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” that question can be followed by an undetermined look or a straight answer of “I don’t know.”  The Rochester City School District (RCSD) is addressing the question by introducing students to career options.

On March 26th, students from various schools attended a two-hour exploratory program at East High School called “Scrubs Club” – Exploring the healthcare profession.  The program was conducted by the Rochester City School district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department and they partnered with Rochester Regional Health.

“We know that getting children to see people that look like them in various careers often provides them an aspiration and inspiration to follow in those footsteps,” said Deborah Stamps, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Rochester Regional Health.

Stamps said offering this experience allows their students to get some hands-on experiences of what health care providers do.

Students participated in activities that were divided into grade categories: 

  • Teddy Bear Clinic (Grades K-3):   Consisted of learning about blood pressure screens and X-Rays. 
  • Pulse Academy (Grades 4-5):  Students practiced CPR on life-size dolls and learned about first aid. 
  • Medical Mask (Grades 6-8):  Included activities on wound care, checking vital signs and CPR.

The RCSD provides CTE programs to high school students with academic and technical skills, knowledge, and the training necessary to succeed in future careers.  Students who graduate from CTE programs have many options for their future, including continuing their education at colleges and universities, entering the workforce, or participating in technical training.

Parents are included in the program as well.  They are able to participate in presentations conducted by Rochester Regional staff.  Information is available on how to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and careers within the healthcare field.  To keep parents informed about the District’s CTE program and opportunities for students  additional information will be distributed.

Further RCSD information can be found by visiting