Wednesday 5 October 2022
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RCSD Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams Presents 2017-18 Budget

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Barbara Deane-Williams

Rochester City School District Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams presented her first budget, for the 2017-18 school year, to RCSD school board members on March 21.

Deane-Williams, the former superintendent of the Greece School District, joined the city school district in August.

Williams’ budget proposal currently totals $791 million, which is a nine percent increase over the last school year, and focuses on adding more academic resources to the district for students, such as hiring additional teachers, counselors, and social workers, while also reducing the number of substitutes in the district.

The proposal will have to fill an $18 million budget gap to meet the spending plan’s goals; however, Williams said she doesn’t plan to reduce services for students unless the district comes up short on funding from state and local governments.

“I’m not going to reduce student services until I’ve gotten consistent ‘no’s from everyone at the state and local levels,” she reportedly stated.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also proposed an increase in state funding for charter schools during the next school year, which will amount to about $2,600 per pupil.

However, according to RCSD officials, an increase for charter schools would detract from funding for the rest of the schools in the district.

The district will hold a meeting to receive community input regarding the budget on March 28, and the school board will vote on the budget in May.

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