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Readers Write: An Open Letter to William Dentzel

secret%20_writerEditors Note: The following letter has been written by a Minority Reporter reader, and emailed to William Dentzel regarding the recent controversy surrounding an alleged racist image on the Dentzel Carousel at Ontario Beach Park.
Dear Mr. Dentzel:First, let me say that I appreciate the words you have already said concerning the “Dutchess” Carousel made by your grandfather. It is always hard to criticize a relative, especially when we speak of a time long gone by, where what was once acceptable is now almost incomprehensibly not so.

Please note that no one I know of is advocating the destruction of the panel or of the carousel. Those of us pushing for alteration of the ride want the panel to be preserved–in a museum, where its context can be given by signage and/or docents–and the carousel itself to continue to bring joy to Rochester’s children. (I myself rode on it, 20 years ago, with my son, as pretext. I didn’t look up).

TO THE POINT: We are trying to get officials from the city and county to “do the right thing” and remove that one panel. A letter of support for such a limited move from the builder’s grandson might sway some decision-makers, and save a whole lot of trouble. We are asking you to write such a letter. You could return it to me, or send it directly to the Preservation Board/ City of Rochester/ attn: Mr Peter Siegrist, Staff  AND/OR: Mr Lawrence E. Staub, Jr./ Monroe County Parks Department/ 171 Reservoir Ave/Rochester NY. If you send direct, please ‘copy’ me.

Thank you.

Ronald G. Linville