Tuesday 29 November 2022
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Recent Study Ties African American Entrepreneurship With Decreased Violence

A recent study has revealed a positive and growing trend in African-American communities. Though many focus on the way that violence and poverty have wracked black neighborhoods, sociologist Karen F. Parker of the University of Delaware has found a different trend.

According to Parker, there is a strong link between the number of African-American businesses in a community and the amount of violence among black youths in them. Parker found that the higher the rate of African-American entrepreneurship, the lower the rate of violence is among black youths.

Parker’s study looked at data taken from the years between 1990 and 2000, a period of time during which national crime rates dropped. According to, Parker confined the effects of black business ownership on violence by controlling things like poverty rates and employment levels.

Ultimately, Parker believes that there is more than simply a correlation between high rates of black business ownership and low rates of crime. She says there are two reasons for the connection between the two.

First, black businesses create a social buffer and business owners serve as positive role models to the youth. Additionally, connecting with these businesses is getting easier for young people to do — almost three-quarters (70%) of people who use social media in North America are connected to at least one local business.

Parker also says that an influx of black businesses also helps the economy, which leads to a decrease in violence since there are more jobs and less poverty.

“We should not assume that African Americans within the community aren’t there, aren’t invested, aren’t contributing to their community,” Parker said in an interview with “We don’t really take into account all that African Americans are doing in their communities to better [them].”