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Reilich Releases New Statement Regarding I-Square Controversy

By Staff



I-Square Project, Provided by COMIDA

Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich released a statement Friday, explaining his comments regarding Irondequoit’s I-Square Development project.

“I have decided, because of the many media versions of explanations involving my comments on I-Square, to set the record straight concerning my involvement,” he stated.

Previously, Reilich had called into question the stability of the project, following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s appointment of Irondequoit Town Supervisor Adam Bello to the position of Monroe County Clerk on March 18.

I-Square developers Mike and Wendy Nolan then questioned whether the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency had violated the default process by sharing privileged information with Reilich.

As a result, Monroe County officials called for an investigation into COMIDA’s actions, ultimately resulting in the resignation of Assistant Monroe County Executive Justin Roj on March 31.

Reilich’s full statement is below:

“I have decided, because of the many media versions of explanations involving my comments on I-Square, to set the record straight concerning my involvement.

1). Any projects involving COMIDA are public projects, and, as such, there is continual review of their status. The inference that the problems with this project were “secret” is untrue. Much of this information is available on various websites. In fact, it is common that these projects are talked about in the community constantly…why would this one be different? Medley Center comes to mind first and foremost.

2). I have been aware of I-Square, and have heard stories about it for a couple of years. These conversations go all the way back to the beginning of the project. While preparing the release about the Bello appointment, I received a call from Justin Roj, who shared that he had first-hand knowledge that I-Square was in default of their COMIDA obligations.

3). Did I have any involvement with, or conversations with COMIDA about the project; absolutely not! I have never spoken to anyone at COMIDA, nor directed anyone to take any action whatsoever regarding this matter.

4). The I-Square Developer has acted as though he was surprised to find that his project was not in compliance with the proposal he made and agreed to. How can he be surprised? He did not build a 15,000 square foot building of 3 stories, and replaced it with a smaller 1 story garage type building. That is like saying that if you do not make your mortgage payments; you are not in default because you have not received a letter from the bank. He knew he was in default, he created the default! This is a project with a significant amount of public funding.

5). My criticism of the supervisor leaving the town was a valid political one. The governor has appointed a Democrat to replace a Republican that held the office. The supervisor left his town with two important projects unresolved… Medley Centre which is in litigation and I-Square. My point, which I stand by, is that the timing of Mr. Bello’s departure ignored his responsibilities to the town he represented.

As we have seen, there are a lot of issues involving what happened here. Let me say that if the district attorney does in fact review the matter, I will be the first to cooperate and do so voluntarily.”

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