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Republican County Legislator Dorothy Styk Switches to Democratic Party

By Staff


DORATHY_STYK_LAB - newRepublican Monroe County Legislator Dorothy Styk has announced she will switch to the Democratic Party, a press release stated.

Styk represents the 18th district, including Perinton and parts of East Rochester.

She said she was making the switch because the Republican Party had been placing its political agenda ahead of important legislative issues.

“While this style may serve the interests of the Republican Party, it is not good democracy, and is harmful to our community,” Styk stated. “Almost without exception, Democratic proposals are dead on arrival regardless of merit, and caucus members are strongly discouraged from supporting them.”

The Democratic Caucus will now hold 11 of the legislature’s 29 seats. However, Styk said although she will now caucus with Democrats, she still believes in low taxes and limited government.

Monroe County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich responded by saying Styk only made the move because Republicans planned to endorse a different candidate, Syracuse University law graduate Tanya Conley, in the fall elections.

He released the following statement regarding the matter:

“Legislator Styk has switched to the Democrat Party after becoming aware of growing support within the Perinton Republican Committee for another candidate for the 18th District of the county legislature. In just over a year, Dorothy’s weak performance as county legislator caused the Perinton Republican Committee to lack confidence in her ability to support lower taxes, more jobs and good government.

A mini-convention between Dorothy Styk and Tanya Conley was planned for the Perinton and East Rochester Committee members to nominate the next Republican candidate for county legislature. It was at this point in time that Dorothy decided that instead of fighting for her position, she would choose to switch parties to avoid any of the work necessary to continue to serve district residents.

At their April Designating Meeting, the Perinton Republican Committee is expected to endorse Tanya Conley for Monroe County Legislature representing the 18th District.

Tanya, a Syracuse University law grad, works for the Legal Aid Society of Rochester as an attorney for the child program. An active parishioner in the Church of the Transfiguration and mother of two, she spends free time volunteering at her son’s school and teaching Continuing Legal Ed classes. Prior to attending Law school, Tanya worked as a legislative assistant in the Monroe County Legislature.”

All 29 seats in the county legislature will be available in November’s election.