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Update: Stephen Schultz Defeats Jack Moore in Henrietta Town Supervisor Race

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(Update, Nov. 9 ) – Henrietta’s former Republican Town Supervisor, Jack Moore, has been defeated in the recent election for town supervisor by Democratic candidate Stephen Schultz. 

Moore had come under fire recently, following the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s recent investigation which found evidence of bias, and reasonable cause to believe Moore made discriminatory statements to town employees on the basis of sex and race.

Schulz received 58 percent of the vote in the race.

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(From Oct. 5) – Large numbers of community residents showed up to Henrietta’s town board meeting Wednesday, divided into groups that spoke out in both protest and support of Town Supervisor Jack Moore.

The larger-than-usual turnout followed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s recent investigation that found evidence of bias, and reasonable cause to believe Moore made discriminatory statements to town employees on the basis of sex and race, as well as in reference to an employee with a disability.

“Witness testimony verifies that the supervisor made the comment ‘this desk is heavier than ten dead n—ers’ while moving the Charging Party’s desk during her involuntary transfer,” the EEOC report said, in part.

Moore has denied the allegations.

Many attendees spoke out, either for or against Moore, during the public comment period of the meeting, in which each speaker was given a two-minute time limit to make their statements, although many individuals spoke for much longer than the time allowed.

“I am actually embarrassed to say that I live in Henrietta,” one former town employee said. “When I walked in here tonight, I had no idea the room was divided. This is terrible.”

Metro Justice, Citizen Action of New York, and several other community organizations also gathered protesters prior to the meeting, in a call for Moore’s resignation, many of whom also spoke out against Moore.

“Here’s what I want you to do,” Henrietta resident Rev. Ruben Goff told Moore. “I want you to hire ten black men; then you’ll already have them here, and you won’t have to look for them. Then I want you to hire ten black women as well.”

But, although several protesters called for Moore to either apologize, or step down, one representative from the Henrietta Roadrunners Association Union was the first to speak out in support of Moore.

“We did a vote to see which candidate we would endorse for supervisor,” union president Patrick Herman stated. “Eighty-two percent of our members all agreed that Jack Moore is the right one for us.”

Moore, a Republican, will run for re-election against Democratic candidate Steve Schultz in November.

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