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RHA Appoints John Hill as New Executive Director

By Staff


john_hillThe Rochester Housing Authority has announced the appointment of John Hill as its  new executive director.

Previously, Hill had served as executive director of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority in Las Vegas.

His appointment comes following the controversial and abrupt dismissal of Alex Castro in 2014, and the subsequent appointment of City Councilman Adam McFadden, who served as interim director for two months, before stepping down after questions were raised concerning a conflict of interest with his council position.

According to RHA board chairman George Moses, the group chose Hill due to his critical ability to connect with staff, participants, and residents within the organization.

In addition, prior to Hill’s appointment, Shawn Burr had been serving as interim director.

The RHA has also announced the appointment of Paul Foti, as director of operations; Rashondra Martin, as executive personnel administrator in the organization’s Human Resources department; and Cynthia Herriott as the group’s new compliance, diversity and inclusion officer.

“The board wanted to set the housing authority up for success long after our term of service is complete,” Moses stated. “The shared leadership approach takes the pressure of success off one person’s shoulders, and instead is a joint responsibility across a group of experts, who are now in place.”

Hill was reportedly audited during his time as executive director in Las Vegas, for having 60 over-income families living in public housing.

He left the position, after holding it for six years, in April.

Hill will receive an annual salary $122,000 at the RHA, and, according to Moses, he will be responsible for working across the organization to ensure the successful execution of RHA’s strategic plan.

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