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RMAPI Provides Community Update at Public Meeting; Connects Residents to Local Services

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RMAPI Meeting 1The Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) held a community meeting Monday, to update the community on the initiative’s progress, and to connect residents to local programs and services.

“I wanted the community, and residents in particular, to know what services actually exist,” RMAPI executive director Dr. Leonard Brock, said. “RMAPI is not a service provider or a program provider, but we serve as a catalyst for various different resources being made available to families on their route to being self-sufficient.”

According to Brock, representatives from programs connected with the initiative, such as Catholic Family Center’s Bridges to Success Program and its Family Independence Initiative, were on hand to help attendees navigate the path toward enrollment in the programs, as well as representatives from several other community groups and service providers.

Corinda Crossdale, Monroe County’s human services commissioner, also attended the event, in an attempt to garner public feedback from residents.

“What are the things that you think I should definitely be thinking about?” Crossdale asked.

She took questions from local landlords, and residents who receive public assistance, and told both groups she would check into raising the standard for the county’s housing-inspection process.

Crossdale also promised to check into the long wait times county residents said they’ve encountered while calling in to receive county services, or to respond to county information requests.

“I’ll check on that,” she said. “That’s a question for IT.”

RMAPI has also offered residents the opportunity to join its Community Advisory Council (CAC), which the initiative said it’s currently in the process of expanding.

Visit to view Brock explain RMAPI’s current objectives, or click on the image below.

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