Thursday 1 December 2022
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Rochester Airport Reopens After Officials Receive Bomb Threats

By Staff


airportMonroe County officials said the Greater Rochester International Airport has reopened, after roadways to the airport had been temporarily closed Thursday due to bomb threats officials received earlier that afternoon.

“The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has concluded their investigation of a suspicious condition,” county officials said in a statement. “Earlier today, the airport received specific threats which, combined with two unattended bags, created a suspicious condition. Based on this information, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office treated the situation as a threat, which needed to be investigated. Following their investigation, they determined that the threats, and unattended bags. were not connected, and subsequently re-opened the airport roadways.”

Inbound arriving passengers had been held in the gate area until the Sheriff’s Office completed its investigation, and outbound departing passengers had been restricted to the Red and White Parking Lots until the county reopened the airport’s roadways.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an ongoing in investigation into the matter.

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