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Rochester City School District Graduation Rates Slightly Rise

By Staff


nysed-logo-text-300x234 newThe Rochester City School District’s June graduation rate increased slightly, from 43 percent in June 2014, to 46 percent in June 2015, according to data released by the New York State Education Department.

However, the number for the district’s August graduation rate remained flat, at 51 percent.

According to NYSED, there were also slight gains in the graduation rates for African-American students in RCSD, which increased from 44 percent in 2014, to 47 percent in 2015.

The rate for Hispanic students stayed flat, at 38 percent. White students in the district graduated at a rate of 58 percent, in both 2014 and 2015.

According to the state, graduation rates increased for each of the Big Five school districts in New York, overall, with Buffalo’s graduation rate increasing from 53 percent in 2014, to 58 percent in 2015; Syracuse’s rate increasing from 51 percent in 2014, to 55 percent in 2015; New York City’s rate increasing from 64 percent in 2014 to 67 percent in 2015; and, Yonkers’ rate increasing from 69 percent to 74 percent, respectively.

Rochester was the only district with a graduation rate that remained below 50 percent.

Throughout the state, New York saw its graduation rate increase from 76 percent to 78 percent, total, while Monroe County’s graduation rate was 82 percent in August 2015, overall.

NYSED’s data represents students who entered the ninth grade in 2011, and graduated by June 2015.

An RCSD official is scheduled to discuss the district’s graduation rates at a press conference Jan. 11.