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Rochester COVID-19 Outlook: What Is Happening Around Town?

This is an understatement, but this year has been… rough. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you do for a living, things have been tough for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and things will never be the same. Sadly, we don’t even know when any amount of normalcy will return. All we can do is spend time with our families, take care of ourselves, and hope for good things to come.

Thankfully, volunteers are offering their support all across the country in order to help those struggling the most. The National Disaster Medical System and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) deployed hundreds of volunteers and intermittent employees to natural disasters throughout the 10 HHS regions across the country in 2018. Though this virus doesn’t have the physical structural damage that hurricanes and other natural disasters have, it’s still causing all sorts of economic and medical problems.

According to Rochester Regional Health, Coronavirus has spread throughout all of Western New York. As of Friday, April 17, Monroe County has five new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 62. There are 932 total confirmed cases and 96 patients are hospitalized.

Let’s take a look at what is happening around Rochester:

Confirmed CONVID-19 cases by New York Counties:

  • Erie County — 1,850
  • Monroe County — 932
  • Onandaga County — 563
  • Albany County — 581
  • Niagara County — 229
  • Steuben County — 154
  • Tompkins County — 118
  • Genesee County — 76
  • Ontario County — 65
  • Wayne County — 48
  • Livingston County — 34
  • Orleans County — 33
  • Wyoming County — 31
  • Allegany County — 28
  • Chautauqua County — 24
  • Seneca County — 16

Healthcare Measures Being Taken

All Rochester Regional Health locations have enacted additional protocols to protect its employees, patients, and the community of Rochester.

“Rochester Regional Health constantly works to ensure we are thoroughly prepared for outbreaks like that of COVID-19,” said Robert Mayo, MD, chief medical officer for Rochester Regional Health.

Additionally, according to Rochester First, a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site is opening up at a Rochester Walmart parking lot — located at 1490 Hudson Ave. The site will test those who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, as well as all health care providers and first responders.

While individuals who are tested are awaiting results, individuals are still advised to follow CDC guidelines and take steps to help prevent the virus from spreading to people throughout our community.

Manufacturing has halted

Aside from manufacturing ventilators, for the most part, businesses aren’t functioning like they were a few months ago. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are manufactured in 30 countries around the world — which is great! However, very few — if any — of those countries are not dealing with the spread of this virus, so a major plant like Mercedes-Benz will likely have to stop all its operations if they haven’t already. Smaller manufacturing plants likely already have halted their operations until further notice.

Traffic accidents have decreased

One positive about the fact that the majority of people are home 24 hours a day is that traffic accidents, fatalities, and other issues have severely decreased. Take, for instance, Missouri traffic data between 2015 and 2017, 377 fatalities occurred on the roadways. The year-to-year numbers aren’t available yet, but since people aren’t drinking and driving home from bars, restaurants, or parties; and the fact that there simply aren’t as many people out on the roads, traffic accidents in Rochester, Missouri, and the rest of the U.S. have significantly decreased.

Things are obviously scary — but Rochester is strong. We can get through this as long as we’re being careful. Keep fighting! Things will eventually get better and Rochester will be ready!