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Rochester Genesee Valley Women’s Club to Host “Generational Speak-Out”

By Staff


The Rochester Genesee Valley Club of the National Association for Negro and Professional Black Women Clubs (NANBPWC) will host a “Generational Speak-Out Forum,” Feb. 28, at 11 a.m., in the Arnett Branch Library, at 310 Arnett Blvd.

The 50-year old African-American women’s organization said the forum has been designed to bring together Rochester millennials and baby boomers between the ages of 18 and 54, to discuss the issues relevant to age groups who have very contrasting perspectives on society.

“On a personal level, I’d like to know how we got to where we are now,” Martha Hope, Rochester Genesee Valley Club president, stated. “We don’t listen to each other.”

According to NANBPWC, employees 55 and older will make up more than 25 percent of the workforce by 2022, up from about 14 percent in 2002. Managing those age groups in a community setting is a task the organization believes is worth discussing, Hope stated.

Pre-organized topics for the event will include strategies to curb violence in Rochester, the shift in the meaning of community and traditional family values, how to reach Generation Y, and what drives Millennials and baby boomers into volunteerism.

“Millennials and members of Generation X are a key driving force in decision-making in today’s society,” Leah Shaw, one of the event’s organizers, stated. “Those between the ages of 18 and 54 hold a lot of power as parents, voters, homeowners, and members of the current middle-class workforce.”

Shaw said the group will use feedback from the event to continue the discussions in future workshops within the organization.

The Rochester Genesee Valley Club was co-founded in 1958 by Rochester’s Midge Thomas, widow of the late Dr. Freddie Thomas. The national mandate of the club has been to provide professional development and support to African-American women, and their communities. The club currently has 32 members.

Interested individuals may contact Leah Shaw at (585) 690-3081, or, for additional information regarding the event.