Saturday 4 February 2023
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Rochester Housing Authority Names Adam McFadden Executive Director

Andrew McFadden

Andrew McFadden

In a move that’s leaving many in the Latino Community scratching their heads, the Rochester Housing Authority (RHA) removed Alex Castro and named City Councilman Adam McFadden executive director in a vote Tuesday evening.

“I’m happy that the board made the decision to hire me, to help lead the organization that represents our 22,000 residents in this community,” McFadden stated.

In addition, he said he would continue in his role as city councilman, but wasn’t sure whether the new position would affect his ability to run for re-election.

Nonetheless, McFadden said he hadn’t yet made the decision.

“That’s up to the federal government to decide,” he stated. “But, I haven’t even decided whether I’m running for re-election. Whether or not I had the job, I always wait until March to make that decision.”

McFadden is also director of the local non-profit organization Quad A for Kids.

Reportedly, RHA has not given a reason for Castro’s removal, but according to a former board member “the move is a political one that is puzzling.”

McFadden had been one of three people in line for the position, which Castro had held since 2010.

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