Friday 30 September 2022
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Rochester Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for Rape Awarded $6.2 Million

By Staff


freddieRochester resident Freddie Peacock has been awarded $6.2 million by a federal judge for being wrongfully convicted of first-degree rape in 1976.

U.S. District Judge Michael Telesca said he awarded the funds to Peacock, 64, based on reports given by an officer, which, at the time, had stated Peacock gave a confession, but were later proven to be false.

There was also likely a case of misidentification by the victim of the crime.

According to Telesca, he made his decision based on the “emotional distress he experienced while unjustly imprisoned.”

Peacock, who’s suffered from mental illness, spent six years in prison before he was released on parole, in 1982.

Subsequently, a local lawyer named Donald Thompson, along with the Innocence Project, began to work to exonerate Peacock, who had always claimed he was innocent.

Finally, in 2010, DNA evidence showed Peacock was not the person responsible for the crime.

Telesca’s ruling is the result of a civil lawsuit Peacock filed against the city in 2013, for which the city had recommended he should be awarded $3 million.

Peacock’s attorneys will also reportedly receive an additional $770,000 in attorney fees, according to Telesca’s decision.

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