Thursday 2 February 2023
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Rochester, New York: What Makes The Roc Rock?

Every year about 43 million Americans move. They move into college door rooms, apartments, homes, and condominiums. They move down the street, across town, on the other side of the country, and everywhere in between. They move to Los Angeles, to Chicago, and to New York City. But what about one of the most underrated cities in the country?

NYC isn’t the only reason The Empire State is great. If you’re sick of your current living situation and want to move to an up-and-coming, fun, and great place: head to Rochester, New York.

Rochester — or the “Roc” if you’re a native — is a city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in western (though some still call it kinda/sorta upstate) New York. The city is home to roughly 208,046 residents, making it the third most populous city in New York.

Here are some of the things that make Rochester amazing:

  • Historically awesome history — When people think about Rochester, they don’t often think about its history — but that’s just because people don’t often think about Rochester and its history — but they should. The area was founded in 1788, become a village in 1817, and was incorporated as a city in 1834. Rochester was actually the first boomtown in America, due to the Genesee River Valley, which gave rise to numerous flour mills.
  • Speaking of flour mills… — Rochester’s nickname(s) is (are) “The Flour City” and “The Flower City.” Really, it’s the Flour City (because of the flour trade), but people like flowers and Rochester has plenty of them, so some call it the Flower City now that the flour trade is long gone.
  • The RazorSharks, Red Wings, and Rhinos, Amerks, and all the other teams rock — Rochester isn’t mentioned in the “best sports cities” conversation all that much, which is fine, but the city’s athletics certainly isn’t anything to laugh at, either. Rochester is home to several professional sports teams, including: baseball’s Red Wings, hockey’s Amerks, soccer’s Rhinos, basketball’s RazorSharks, and even the NBA’s Rochester Royals, though they are now the Sacramento Kings. Rochester was even named the top minor league sports market in the country by Street and SMith’s Sports Business Journal in 2005 and the fifth-best “sports town” in the U.S. by Scarborough Research in 2008.
  • Plenty of incredible and affordable housing around — Rochester is home to some truly amazing real estate. Consider Danny Wegman, chairman of Wegmans, and his illustrious lake home, which was recently on the market for $7.5 million. If you don’t have a few million bucks on your but you’re still hoping to find a nice place in Rochester, don’t worry. There are plenty of livable areas in this city and with a little work, you can transform an affordable house into your dream home. A recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of all homeowners are planning on renovating their homes at some point — so head to the Roc, move into your very own home, and get to work!
  • Genny beer, white hots, and garbage plates — If you’ve never had any of those items, you are truly missing out. The Genesee Brewery is a Roc staple, white hots are a lot like red hots but, you guessed it, they taste good. And garbage plates… you’ll have to see for yourself.

Whether you want to move to Rochester or not, you should at least do yourself a favor and visit this incredible city if you have never been. It’s like Houston only better. Just kidding — it’s nothing like Houston, but that’s okay, you should visit anyways!