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Rochester Police Create Task Force With FBI, ICE, and State Police to Catch Bank Robber

Rochester police arrested a man suspected in a slew of bank robberies earlier this month.

Terrick Ficklin, 36, was the primary suspect in two bank robberies and a third attempted robbery. Ficklin’s first robbery was on February 21 at the M and T Bank on East Main Street. He then attempted to rob the Chase Bank on East Ridge Road on February 26 but was unsuccessful. His final robbery was on February 28, when he successfully robbed the Canandaigua National Bank on Alexander Street.

In each instance, Ficklin walked into the banks wearing simple dark clothing and passed a note to the tellers. The note stated that Ficklin had a weapon, although a weapon was never confirmed at the times of the robberies or upon searching his house after the arrest. The robberies on East Main and Alexander proved to be effective and Ficklin left the building with an undisclosed amount of money.

The robbery on East Ridge Road was unsuccessful, as Ficklin attempted to pass the teller the note but instead fled the premises, according to the police. What made Ficklin leave without finishing the job is unclear, although he was caught on surveillance video in all three crimes. The Chase Bank job, however, provided an identifiable picture of Ficklin’s face so it is plausible that he became aware of possible identification by authorities.

Statistics show that even during spur-of-the-moment burglaries more than half of the offenders stated that they would abandon the burglary if they were aware of an alarm. It is within the realm of possibility that the teller was able to push, or threaten to push, the alarm, which frightened Ficklin away.

In order to catch Ficklin, the Rochester police worked alongside the FBI, ICE, as well as the New York State Police. They were able to locate Ficklin and surround him. He was found by the task force in a home on Pierpoint street, where Ficklin locked himself in the house along with an unidentified female, threatening to use a gun.

After two hours, Ficklin eventually walked out of the house with the woman and was subsequently arrested. The woman was unharmed during the standoff.

Ficklin was charged with multiple counts of robbery and grand larceny and remains to be charged for the attempted robbery on East Ridge Road.