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Rochester Receives Grant to Fuel Workforce Development

News from the Office of Adam J. Bello Monroe County Executive

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Interested in earning a unique career and learning more about the opportunity to build a career in the construction trades, there’s a new grant available.

The new grant was recently approved that will fuel workforce development in the historically underserved areas of the Rochester, Monroe County area.  The $400,000, Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Preparation Program (MAPP) grant will support operations in Monroe County, approved by the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA).

“Workforce development is one of the four key focus areas of my administration. In order to Bring Monroe Back, we need to prepare a new workforce for the quality jobs that now exist,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. 

“This grant will help MAPP train more job seekers that have traditionally been under-represented in these quality job opportunities — and give them the skills they can use for a sustaining job and career. Thank you to MAPP and COMIDA for your commitment to workforce development and economic equity.”

MAPP is a non-profit organization that provides training and job-site experience, education and basic skills required for success to historically under-served populations in the Rochester area. MAPP collaborates with local construction and trades unions to connect job seekers with employment Opportunities.

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“The goal of MAPP is to prepare historically disadvantaged populations — African Americans — to successfully meet and exceed industry standards in the construction and building trades. The absence of diversity and inclusion are catalysts that lead to poverty,” said Kereem Berry, Executive Director of MAPP. “MAPP provides detailed directions that will lead participants on a path to a prospering career with great benefits, a living wage, and a plan for retirement.”

Ann Burr, Chair of the COMIDA Board of Directors said the organization is pleased that the COMIDA board of directors approved the $400,000 grant from our Workforce Development Fund.

“We fully support providing job readiness training to develop competitive candidates for the workforce which not only lifts individuals, but families and our communities,” she said.

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