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Rochester Schools Modernization Program to Offer “Business Opportunities Program”

By Staff –


BOP Registration Flier 2018 (1)The Rochester Schools Modernization Program (RSMP) is now accepting applications for the spring session of its “Business Opportunities Program.”

“The Business Opportunities Program is geared specifically toward giving small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses the tools and information they need to grow and develop their business, and participate on municipal contracts, such as the RSMP,” the group stated.

This is Cycle 4 of the program, which will include the following:

  • Comprehensive Instructional Series  An 18-week program, consisting of two class sessions per week. Classes are held during the evening and are FREE of charge. Topics include business development, procurement, project management, business operations, and capital financing. In order to qualify, one must have a legally registered business (minimum DBA) and have secured at least one contract or client under the business name. A certificate is awarded upon completion, and successful candidates will then have the opportunity to participate in the Mentor/Protégé Program.
    NOTE: Applicants do not have to own a construction-oriented business to enroll in the program.
  • Mentor/Protégé Program – A six-month FREE program, which will facilitate training and mentoring in a practical, tutorial, one-on-one manner intended to produce long-term, positive impacts. Candidates will learn how to run a successful business, and how to overcome barriers that typically inhibit, or restrict, businesses. Special attention will be given to certified M/W/D/SBEs who are subcontracted for roles on Phase 2 of the RSMP.
  • Revolving Loan Program – A loan program that is designed to help eligible businesses meet their short-term working capital needs on RSMP projects. With access to a disbursement of $10,000 per occurrence, a loan can be used to finance direct costs of performing under contract with RJSCB, including payroll, supplies, equipment, and other overhead. The Revolving Loan Program Committee will review all applications within three business days; there will be no credit checks, and 0 percent interest with a minimal administrative fee applied.

The deadline for applications will be Feb. 7, and applications are available at

Contact Kim Mitchell, at, for additional information regarding the program.

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