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Rochester to Participate in “Cities Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce” Initiative

By Staff



Rochester has been selected by the National League of Cities (NLC) to participate in the “Cities Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce” technical assistance initiative, city officials stated.

The NLC, through its Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute), will provide Rochester’s early education stakeholders with one-on-one technical assistance, site visits, peer learning opportunities, and other assistance, with funding from the Foundation for Child Development.

“Providing our youth with a strong educational environment early in life is crucial for lifelong learning, and growth,” Mayor Lovely Warren, YEF Council co-chair, stated. “I am grateful for the National League of Cities’ investment to improve early childhood learning in our city. This initiative will help us improve educational opportunities in our city, which leads to more jobs, and safer more vibrant neighborhoods.”

Cities including Hartford, Conn.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Richmond, Va; and Kansas City, Mo. will also receive technical assistance through the program during the two-year project, according to city officials.

The goal of the institute is to highlight successes across the country, while connecting local leaders to one another.

During the project’s first year, YEF officials will visit Rochester to create peer-learning opportunities regarding early-childhood workforce issues, among leaders in the field.

In the second year, YEF will continue to support and facilitate peer-learning opportunities, as well as host a roundtable for in-person collaboration, and knowledge-sharing with local and national leaders, as well as other experts, the group said.

At the end of the project, the group will compile its findings, and share best practices with NLC member cities, as well as their partners.

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