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RochesterWorks Gun Violence Prevention Program/Next Steps Mentorship program

In the Community: From RochesterWorks!

GVP Outreach Flyer Septimus. Provided.

If you know of any young black men or an individual that can benefit from mentorship and other wrap-around services.

Please share this great resource with them!

RochesterWorks!, a nonprofit member of the American Job Center Network in addition to mentorship they provide connections to employment, education, vocational training programs services to Monroe County through three local career centers and one specialized youth employment center.
Those interested in mentorship, wrap-around services, or other resources can contact Advocate and Youth Career Services Navigator, Septimus A Scott.

“Do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest availability, through phone, text, or email,” urges Scott.

The Next Steps Mentorship Program. Provided.

“Thank you for your support, and our community resilience!”

Scott can be reached at, phone: 585-258-3500 extension: 8004, fax: 585-232-3727. Find further information at

Rochesterworks! is located at 100 College Ave, Suite 200, Rochester, New York 14607.