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RPD Releases Body Camera Footage of May 17 Traffic Stop Involving Child

Patti Singer

Rochester Police Department released body-worn camera footage of officers involved in the May 17 traffic stop that involved a child being placed in handcuffs. Provided by city of Rochester.

The city of Rochester, in response to a request by Minority Reporter under the Freedom of Information Law, released body-worn camera footage of Rochester Police Department officers involved in the traffic stop on May 17 on Route 104 that involved a child.

The city released 4 hours and 53 minutes of video taken from body camera of seven officers who were at the scene and involved in one way or another. At least one of the officers was involved only in transporting one of the individuals who had been in the vehicle. Another of the officers is a sergeant who was called at the request of the individuals in the vehicle.

The child was identified by her family at a news conference June 10. But the face of Na’ilah El Bey is redacted in the video.

The interaction between one Rochester Police officer and Na’ilah El Bey begins at about 1 hour and 43 minutes into the video.

The officer asks her to step out of the car, and another occupant intercedes. The child does get out but does not readily follow the officer’s request that appears to ask her to come to the rear of the car, which would be away from traffic. Officers are heard to say they are concerned about the cars going by. The incident takes place in the breakdown lane of Route 104. Cars can be seen and heard.

The officers ask both to comply. The child is instructed to turn around, and she puts her hands behind her. The officer places the cuffs and escorts her to a patrol car.

Body camera footage shows the child appearing to jerk away three times from the officer as they wait for the car to be unlocked.

At about 2 hours and 50 minutes, the video shows the interaction in the patrol car between the child and another officer who radios to administration that he will be transporting a juvenile. As they drive to the RPD station on North Clinton Avenue, you can hear the officer trying to engage Na’ilah her in conversation.

While in the patrol car, Na’ilah is asked if she wants the handcuffs adjusted, but she does not appear to answer.

The traffic stop was initiated because officers saw the vehicle had a broken headlight. It also had an expired inspection and the driver failed to show proof of a valid driver’s license. The occupants claimed status as sovereigns and RPD said they failed to cooperate with the officers.

The body camera footage shows the interactions on the road and also at the RPD station.

Charges were filed against the three adults in the vehicle.