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RPD Releases Report on Taser Usage

By Staff



RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli

The Rochester Police Department has released a report detailing its use of tasers, following the death of 50-year-old Richard Gregory Davis last week, during RPD Officer Thomas Frye’s attempt to subdue him with the weapon.

According to the report, which features an overview of data from 2012, there have been 576 uses of tasers  by RPD officers in the field since 2003, with an 89 percent rate of effectiveness.

In addition, of the 228 tasers assigned to the department, 190 of those currently reside in each of the patrol sections throughout the city.

“I can say that, for the Rochester Police Department, we’ve never had an experience like this,” RPD Police Chief Michael Ciminelli stated.

Davis died after being tased by Frye, following an accident on Tremont St., where officers said they tried to subdue him after he crashed into a parked car, as well as a house and church in the area.

Yet, despite an increase in the number of tasers held by officers in the department, which jumped from 18 percent in 2012 to 50 percent in 2015, according to Ciminelli, no other officers’ use of tasers has resulted in serious injury, to date.

Still, local religious leaders have asked the RPD to put a stop to the use of tasers until the investigation into Davis’ death has been completed. However, Ciminelli said the department plans to continue its use of the devices, and will review its policy once the investigation is over.

Tasers deploy the time and date, as well as the length of time the taser was used during each deployment, the report stated. But, Ciminelli said the department will wait for a full investigation into the cause of Davis’ death, before specific information regarding the officer’s use of the taser on Davis will be released.

According to the report, the RPD’s taser deployments increased from 66 uses in 2013, to 155 uses in 2014. In addition, RPD officers used tasers 28 times during the first quarter of 2015.