Saturday 4 February 2023
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RPD: Stay Safe While Using Online Classifieds

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Buying or selling through online classifieds can seem convenient, but there are things to keep in mind with these transactions.

In the last week or so, the Rochester Police Department has received some reports of thefts related to transactions through these services.

As a result, RPD wants to share tips to help residents stay safe:

Do your homework.

Look for feedback about a buyer or seller. If the platform doesn’t have a feedback feature, Google the person’s name or email address. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t contact the person.

Meet in public.

If the item is small, there’s no reason to meet at the person’s home. Instead, meet in a well-lit public place that is convenient for both of you.
Bring a friend.

If the item is large, you may have to go to the seller’s home or have the buyer come to you. If so, make sure someone is with you throughout the transaction.

Meet at the bank.
If the item is expensive, meet at the bank where security cameras and other people make this one of the safest places to meet.

 Trust your gut.

If something seems off, rethink the deal. Do business only when you’re comfortable.