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SEIU Employees at Jordan Health Center Vote to Strike


By Staff-


SEIU1Anthony L. Jordan Health Center employees, represented by 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, have voted to strike recently, and the group issued a 10-day notice to management after talks broke down during the union’s attempt to re-negotiate employee contracts.

“A work stoppage will take place later this month if no settlement is reached in their long-standing contract dispute with Center management,” SEIU said in a statement. “In addition to items being negotiated, employees are also concerned about the fairness of executive compensation. Based on the Center’s tax filings, its CEO received a total increase in compensation of 69.3 percent for the period 2013 – 2016, while employees received increases totaling 7.2 percent.”

Negotiations for a new contract began last November, and employees staged an informational picket of the center’s main facility on March 29, after talks stalled over wages, health insurance, and other issues.

The current collective bargaining agreement, covering approximately 65 employees, expired December 31, 2017, and had been extended while negotiations continued.

A Federal mediator is currently overseeing the talks.

Union members at the center work as licensed practical nurses, medical technicians, nursing assistants, clerical, and service employees.

SEIU also represents employees of the University of Rochester Medical Center, as well as six nursing homes, locally.

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