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Sheppard Wins First Votes in Democratic Committee’s Initial Endorsement Process

By Staff –


James SheppardMonroe County Legislator and former Chief of Police James Sheppard has won the first votes in the Democratic Committee’s process of endorsing a candidate for mayor.

According to Sheppard’s campaign, he won more votes than incumbent Mayor Lovely Warren in the 7th, 26th and 28th districts Tuesday, which are districts that make up the Northwest Democratic Committee, and represent three out of 10 local committees overall.

Mayor Warren reportedly came in second in one race, ahead of Democratic candidate and former WROC-TV news anchor Rachel Barnhart, and tied Barnhart in two others.

“I am honored and excited by tonight’s endorsement by the 7th, 26th and 28th Legislative Districts,” Sheppard stated in a Facebook post. “I want to thank the Northwest Democratic committee members for meeting with me, letting me in their homes to talk issues, and for sharing their concerns and hopes for our city. In my many discussions with them, it became very clear that there is an appetite for change, and progress in the city’s northwest. Citizens here are tired of the shootings and violence, tired of being left out of the decision-making process that affects their neighborhoods, and tired of a lack of results from City Hall.”

Warren pointed to apparent divisions, as well as a lack of support from certain factions of the Democratic Party recently, during an announcement that she would run for re-election.

As a result, Gary Rogers, a spokesman for the Friends of Lovely Warren Committee, has released the following statement regarding the results of Tuesday’s votes:

“It is our belief that when everyone votes, everyone’s heard, so regardless of what happens during this elite, handpicked committee process, we will go forward to the primary where we are sure that we will be successful.”

Barnhart’s campaign has also released the following statement regarding the matter:

“I was the only candidate to present solid plans to grow the economy and reduce poverty. I was grateful for the opportunity to present my platform to a select group of party insiders. The real contest involves all voters on Primary Day.”

Rochester businessman Alex White is also a candidate for mayor, and is running on the Green Party line. White said he may also run as a Democrat.

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