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Sheriff’s Office Warns Against Phone Scam

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter is warning of a phone scam in which the caller poses as a deputy. Provided photo

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a phone scam in which the caller poses as a deputy and tries to get money from the individual.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the imposter tells the individual that he or she has an open case and says the individual can be booked on the charges or pay a civil fine. In some cases, the imposter asks the individual to pay the fine using gift cards. The imposter says that failure to pay will result in a warrant for the individual’s arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds residents that these calls are frauds. Legitimate law enforcement agencies don’t demand cash or gift cards. The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who receives this type of call to report it immediately.

The Sheriff’s Office has these safety tips:

  • be wary of answering phone calls from numbers you do not recognize.
  • do not send money or gift cards to anybody that you do not personally know and trust.
  • never give out banking information, Social Security number or other personal identifiable information over the phone or to individuals you do not know.