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Update: Roberts Wesleyan Reaches “Inconclusive Outcome” in Racial Slurs Investigation

By Staff


roberts weselyanUpdate May 5: Roberts Wesleyan College has wrapped up its investigation into a break-in where someone stole $250 out of a college dormitory, and left racist epithets directed at African-American students in February, officials at the school stated.

The school said it has reached an “an inconclusive outcome” regarding the case, and released the following statement Thursday regarding the matter:

“The investigation of the apparent racially motivated incident that took place on campus on Feb. 4 has been completed. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Roberts Wesleyan Campus Safety conducted a thorough investigation with an inconclusive outcome. We are appreciative of the Sheriff’s Department who gave extra hours, attention, and efforts to this case.

Moving forward, Roberts is committed to creating an engaged campus culture which reflects valuing diversity of all people and addressing systemic issues within our community.”

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a break-in where someone stole $250 out of a Roberts Wesleyan College dormitory, and left racist epithets directed at African-American students, authorities stated.

According to authorities, the incident took place between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Thursday morning, and students who shared the dorm suite alerted police once they realized money was missing, and found racial slurs written in shaving cream on the walls, and door, of the common area in the suite.

Members of the men’s basketball team currently share the suite.

The first message read:

“Go home F*** n*****s Leave Roberts We hate n***** slaves.”

The second message read:

“go to where u belong African.”

The school has released the following statement regarding the matter:

“Roberts Wesleyan College is outraged, and saddened, about the apparent racially motivated incident that took place on campus today. We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination – this type of behavior is not acceptable, and is not who Roberts Wesleyan is as a community.”

“We were founded on a belief in the value of full community, and are committed to providing a safe, and welcoming community to all students, staff and faculty. Such racist discrimination and hateful actions will not be accepted.”

“We addressed this situation immediately, and are working closely with campus safety, and local law enforcement on the investigation.”

“The college will host a meeting for all students, faculty, and staff to address the situation, and to create an open dialogue.”

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies will be investigating the matter as a case of a larceny and criminal mischief.

In addition, college officials have held a campus-wide meeting regarding the incident.

Deputies also said anyone with information is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office.

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